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Various Ventures Group

How Can We Help?
Invest, Advise, Assist

Various Ventures is founded by Kevin Lee and Steven Schopp. Together with a team of investors, consultants and advisors we:

  • Incubate new startups (internally ideated, designed, coded and launched). Some will graduate and be spun out.
  • Invest in and incubate selected startups with other founders, investing some combination of cash, advisory services, development services and marketing services.
  • Advise startups and requiring digital transformation or marketing (sometimes free, sometimes for advisory shares)
  • Develop and execute product development, coding,  marketing and business strategies as an extension of an internal team.

How Can We Help You?

Looking For a place to incubate?

It’s best if you know one of Kevin Lee’s LinkedIn contacts. Cold pitches are rarely read! Sorry, time is our most valuable asset, more valuable than cash!

Prior Investments

A list prior investments by the founders.


We typically have 4-7 internally incubated projects ventures or platforms. When we have less than 5, we consider incubating other startups.

Agile by Design

Finish MVP fast, win fast, lose fast. Spin out the winners, kill the losers, nurture the pivots…

Decades of product development venture launch, coding, digital business expertise… Billions of revenue created.

Been there. Done that. Still doing it and loving every minute!

Some of our current projects include